Flexible Dual Wall Pipe

Timewell Drainage Products is pleased to offer MaxFlex, flexible dual wall pipe! This innovative product is revolutionizing the farm drainage industry. MaxFlex meets or exceeds industry standard ASTM F3390.

MaxFlex provides the drainage flow benefits of dual wall pipe with the same ease of installation as single wall pipe. It is made from two special blends of HDPE plastic resin – one for the interior layer and one for the exterior layer – which allows it to bend enough to be coiled for transportation. MaxFlex can be conveniently installed behind your trencher or tile plow.

Depending on size, MaxFlex will increase acre drainage capacity by 10 to 20 acres. It is available in 6″,  8″, 10″, 12″ and 15″ diameters.

As with all new products, Timewell recommends a review of all company installation and handling instructions.

Key considerations for plow installations include:

  • Shatter Plate Width
    A cutting width roughly 25% wider than the pipe’s outside diameter is preferred
  • Burial Depth
    MaxFlex is recommended for drainage plow installations at burial depths up to 8’
  • Chute Design
    Your boot’s internal pipe path should have a minimum bend radius of 50”

Flexible Dual Wall

Nominal Diameter Inside Diameter
Outside Diameter
(lbs/20 ft.)
Maxi Length
6″ 5.93″ 6.87″ 22 lbs 1360′
8″ 8.06” 9.34” 31 lbs 690′
10″ 10.08” 11.87” 53 lbs 455′
12″ 12.09” 14.68” 76 lbs 380′
15″ 15.12” 17.65” 86 lbs 220′