Triton Storm Water Chambers

Timewell offers Triton’s complete line of storm water chambers for your underground storm water control and storage. Storm water chambers provide a comprehensive, low-maintenance underground stormwater solution.

Stormwater management is one of the greatest challenges facing site developers and municipal governments. Properly containing sediments, contaminants, and surface runoff is essential to meeting environmental regulations and creating world-class projects.
Now, with Triton Stormwater Solutions, developers have the tools they need to meet these demands with an easy-to-use underground system that saves time and money. A 700 chamber S-29 stormwater system can be installed in 1 day. That’s equivalent to 2,800 lineal feet of 60″ diameter pipe – with no cranes or heavy equipment required to carry the chambers.

By utilizing a revolutionary new soy-resin-based material, Triton Stormwater Solutions chambers offer greater LEED potential, are ultra-durable, and are 46% lighter than competitive polymer products. They have been tested to withstand a rear axle load of 40,000 pounds with only 18″ of cover and with NO pavement layer. Only Triton Stormwater Solutions stormwater chambers follow and exceed the latest AASHTO LFRD Bridge Design Spec 1 safety factors for HS-20 Live Loads and Earth Loads for a performance life greater than 50 years.

Triton Stormwater Solutions value engineered designs, strength of material, and Main Header Row ensures a longer lasting system that is easy to install, easy to maintain, and is easy on the budget.

Storm Water Chambers

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