As the 2018 spring tiling season starts wrapping up, here is a quick snapshot of what drainage installation is happening around the Corn Belt. To get in touch with your territory manager listed below, please contact us.




Steve Johnson & Josh Babb

Between the planting in North and Central Illinois and the wet weather in southern Illinois, a lot of tile plows have been greased and put away for the spring. South of Interstate 64, conditions would just dry up and they’d get another downpour.

Across the state, guys reported planting 10 days to two weeks earlier in their tiled ground. That plus a short working window this spring should make for a tremendous fall.

In Western Illinois, planters and plows are rolling after short spring season due to weather, but the outlook for tiling is very strong – and getting stronger! Several customers have summer wheat projects already lined up and significant acres already booked for the fall! Customers are already talking about our summer buying program to lock in their pricing and secure their tile!


Tyler Edge & Bob Rabey

Most spring work in Southern Iowa is wrapping up. Some mains are being installed – getting ready for fall pattern work – including some 12″ MaxFlex flexible dual wall mains.

In Northwest Iowa, many are just getting started on their first project because of late snows and rain last week. It is going to be a short window but tile is starting to go in. One contractor mentioned working 18-hour days to get farmers taken care of!

In Northeast Iowa it’s a mixed situation. If you’re in the top two tiers of counties, they haven’t started. Contractors south of Highway 20 are pretty much done.


Josh Babb

Drainage is on everyone’s mind after a very wet/cold fall and spring season. The outlook for Indiana is very strong as all growers and customers alike understand the importance of getting the most out of every acre now more than ever! We have seen a healthy increase in business in Indiana and fully expect that trend to continue.  


Kris Durbin

Contractors are still finishing up a few projects after wet fall and spring tiling seasons. We’re seeing more customers moving to 30′-40′ spacings as growers are seeing immediate yield increases. All signs point to a huge post-harvest season!


Jeremy Frandson

Southern Nebraska spring work is considered complete. Northern Nebraska could be considered complete after this week with the weather forecast showing favorable work conditions for existing projects, and getting planters pushing along as fast as they can.



Jeremy Frandson

Southern South Dakota is still a bit wet, but guys are going. The forecast continues to call for more moisture in the coming week which will either push projects into the fall, or into the summer if the acres can’t get planted.

Northern South Dakota is just getting going the past few days with a very short window ahead of them and more wet weather on the way.


Mike Loscheider

Southern and central Minnesota have been very wet and still have some frost at the 3′ deep level. Farmers are very anxious to get the crop in the fields and have been pushing spring tiling back to the fall.

Farmers will go right from corn to beans which will reduce spring tiling, but guys are talking about putting mains in through crop and doing pattern work after wheat and specialty crops.



Mike Loscheider

North Dakota got an earlier start than some due to dryer conditions, however the season is going to be short. Several contractors are anticipating a busy spring and early summer installing mains with pattern work this fall.


Kendal Dunn

Spring tile work is wrapping up in Missouri for the most part other than a few projects being squeezed in on acres going to soybeans.

The spring work was somewhat delayed due to wet and cold weather, however the second half of March and April were very busy. There will be some summer work in Missouri once the wheat is harvested.


Mark Wieland

Things are starting to warm up in Wisconsin, and in the southern part of the state planters are out in full force. Contractors have plenty of tiling jobs lined up, and after a cold snowy spring they are anxious and ready to roll.

In the northern part of Wisconsin the snow has finally melted leaving a short window to do a lot of work. The bright news is they are used to having short spring windows and are ready to go! 



Make Way for #Plant18

The pre-plant tile season made way for 2018 planting to start in earnest as soon as temperatures took a turn for the warmer. Many states are still lagging behind five year corn planting averages but have made up significant ground over the last two weeks.

Crop progress report from the USDA NASS shows the percentage of corn and soybeans planted by state for the week ending May 6 (compared to previous five year averages 2013-2017).

Corn Planting Progress

Planting Progress - Corn 5.6.2018
The percentage of corn planted by state for the week ending May 6 (compared to previous five year averages 2013-2017)

Soybean Planting Progress

The percentage of soybeans planted by state for the week ending May 6 (compared to previous five year averages 2013-2017)