What can we do for you?

The Timewell team is ready to develop a custom quote for your drainage project and deliver the pipe you need right to your yard or jobsite.

We’ll be there for you every step of the way. Timewell has a dynamic, industry driven team.


Starting with your local territory sales manager

Quality specialists who test raw materials and finished products

Production professionals who build your drainage pipe

Timewell Transportation who delivers our pipe and supplies safely to your project

What sets Timewell team members apart is their commitment to building quality products and long-term drainage relationships. With Timewell, you’re not a number. You’re a neighbor, a friend.

Let’s start building a drainage relationship today. Click your state on the map below and select your county on the right to find the territory sales manager in your area.

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Sales Rep Locator

Mike Loscheider Agriculture Sales 612-247-8900
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Shane Steed Southwest Territory Sales Representative 901-275-2324
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Sam Evans Stormwater Sales VP 217-204-7705
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Brian Hedden Storm Water Sales 217-320-9344
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Mark Wieland Agriculture Sales 608-290-1113
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Main Office Commercial and Ag Commercial and Ag Sales for Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee 800-720-8453
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Amanda McLemore Agriculture Sales 270-293-9348
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Main Office Agriculture Sales 217-773-3357
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Main Office Commercial Storm Water Sales/Commercial 800-720-8453
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Steve Johnson Agriculture Sales 217-430-2951
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Are you interested in joining the Timewell team? Check out our latest employment opportunities and online application on our Careers page.