Timewell strives to make working on even the most challenging drainage project simple and efficient. That’s why submittals and drawings for our most requested products are available for download. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Please contact us. Our knowledgeable customer service representatives will be happy to answer all your drainage product questions.

Product Catalogs

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MaXflo Dual Wall Pipe

MaXflo is a superior corrugated HDPE dual wall pipe with a smooth interior designed for gravity flow storm sewer, retention/detetention and other high capacity drainage applications.

MaXflo Dual Wall Fittings

MaXflo dual wall pipe needs MaXflo dual wall fittings. We offer standard dual wall fittings including elbows, tees and wyes or our custom Fitting & Fabrication Department can build the exact fitting you need to meet job specifications.

MaXflo Dual Wall Tees

MaXflo Dual Wall Wyes

Storm Water Chambers

Timewell offers a complete line of storm water chambers for your underground storm water control and storage. Storm water chambers provide a cost-effective solution for underground detention and infiltration.

Storm Water Inlets

Timewell offers a complete line of storm water inlets including PVC drain basins and inline drains as well as MaXflo HDPE drain basins. Each drain basin is custom made per your specifications, including diameter, height, inlet/outlet location and grate type.

MaxFlex Coiled Dual Wall Pipe

MaxFlex provides the drainage flow benefits of dual wall pipe with the same ease of installation as single wall pipe. It can be conveniently installed behind your trencher or tile plow.

Single Wall Pipe

Timewell’s HDPE corrugated single wall pipe is designed for a variety of uses including agriculture drainage and residential / commercial construction. ASTM and AASHTO grade single wall pipe is available per job specifications.