Single Wall Corrugated HDPE Pipe

Timewell’s HDPE corrugated pipe is designed for a variety of uses including agriculture drainage and residential / commercial construction.

ASTM and AASHTO grade single wall pipe is available per job specifications. Pipe shall comply with the test methods, dimensions and markings found in ASTM F405, ASTM F667 and SCS 606. AASHTO grade pipe shall comply with test methods, dimensions and markings found in AASHTO M252 and AASHTO M294.

Perforated Pipe

Perforated tile is one of the most commonly used types of tubing. Perforated pipe has a variety of uses ranging from farm drainage systems to carrying water away from foundations. Perforated tile is available in sizes 3″ to 15″.

Knifecut Pipe

Knifecut pipe works the same as perforated field tile, taking in equal amounts of water, but the narrow slits in in the tile restrict the sand and silt from passing through that can potentially plug the tubing. Fast becoming an all-purpose tile, knifecut is one of our most popular sellers. Available in sizes 3″ to 15″.

Knit Filter Pipe (Sock Tile)

Knit filter tubing or sock tile as it is more commonly called, is a polyester wrapped perforated tile. Commonly used in construction applications and sandy soils, sock tile provides maximum protection against soil infiltration. Most commonly used in sizes 3″ through 6″, sock tile is available in sizes 3″ to 15″.

Solid Pipe

Solid tubing takes in water from one end of the pipe and carries it to the other end without taking water from the surrounding areas. Solid single wall pipe is available in all sizes.

Muck Pipe

Muck tubing is designed for use in heavier “gumbo” type soils and soils high in organic content, which are typically not as susceptible to water breakdown. Muck pipe allows the largest water inlets with hole sizes of 1/2 inch round. Available in sizes 3″- 6″ only.

Timewell Pipe Configurations

Timewell’s single wall pipe comes in a variety of configurations including 10’ and 20’ sticks, shorter small coils and full-size maxi coils.

Size Stick Length Small Coils Maxi Length
3″ 10′ 100′ 5600′, 6200′
4″ 10′ 100′, 250′ 3250′
5″ 165′ 2300′
6″ 100′ 1320′, 1685′
8″ 20′ 405′ 920′
10″ 20′ 625′
12″ 20′ 370′
15″ 20′ 220′