Plastics 101

“Virgin” resin sounds great doesn’t it? It sounds pure, simple and gives you a feeling of security. Unfortunately, making good drainage tile takes A LOT more thought than “Virgin” resin.

The resin used to make farm drainage tile is actually “Off Spec” or “Wide Spec” Virgin resin. Prime Virgin, which is manufactured to exacting tolerances, is not used by manufacturers to make farm drainage tile. It is simply too expensive.

Timewell uses several resins including Prime, “Off Spec” and reprocessed materials to produce its farm drainage tile. State-of-the-art testing equipment ensures that raw materials and finished products have the density and strength properties of easy to install, long-lasting pipe.

Take a look at our Plastics 101 video to see some of the Quality Assurance checks our raw materials and finished drainage products go through prior to arriving at your yard or jobsite.